American Wilds Improved and tuned by the Soviet default v1.0 – MudRunner

The cross-country ability of off-road vehicles and trucks (approximately under the old default), special equipment without changes. Changed the mass / engine / gearbox / fuel. Reconfigured suspension.

Added / changed light on all equipment, trailers, loader.
Added 1 point off-road garage
Added autonomy to f9000 (prohibits trailer installation)
Swiveling trolley unit added for all trailers
Fixed loading on trailers and dissolution.
Ability to ship Forwarder without a crane.
Small changes in the Skidder capture.
Numerous minor fixes (levitation of wheels, a concession when turning the steering wheel, the position of the load and so on.

Introduced deeply modified trucks from the American Wilds add-on.
Thank you so much for the work done by Aleris (Michael) test technician Mr.BoS

Authors: Aleris / Mr.BoS

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