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American Wilds is a new DLC coming to Spintires: MudRunner Fall, 2018! This large DLC will introduce brand new content to the game, including several new vehicles, two new maps and a whole new location – The United States of America!

In the run-up to American Wild’s release, we’re bringing back Vehicle Presentations – we’re very excited to show you the new vehicles coming to the game, and today, we’ll be talking about Hummer H1!

Vehicle Description:
A four-wheel drive utility vehicle, the Hummer is a powerful off-road vehicle produced for consumer use. A large vehicle, the Hummer H1 is equipped with the ability to drive in all-wheel drive and take advantage of differential lock.

Game Stats:
The Hummer H1 has an 80 liter fuel capacity, and can take 300 points of damage, making it a very sturdy vehicle. If you’re scouting, this is a vehicle that you’ll be able to rely on. Speedy and agile, you’ll be make your way around the map easily.

A speedy, nimble vehicle, The Hummer H1 is at home on the roads and in the mud. If you need to scout a new path, you can rely on this.

With a small add-on complement, the Hummer H1 isn’t going to be the workhorse of your vehicle fleet.

Bed Cap – Cosmetic
Repair Supplies – Carries 20L of Fuel and 150 Repair Points
Roof Trunk – Carries 80L of Fuel
Spare Wheel – Carries 60 Repair Points

Spintires: MudRunner – American Wilds comes to PC, PS4 and Xbox One October 23rd, and in November on Nintendo Switch, and will be available as DLC for Spintires: MudRunner, as well as in the Spintires: MudRunner – American Wilds Edition, which contains the base game, and all DLC.

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