American Wilds Trucks v1.1 – MudRunner

The modification contains five trucks from the American Wilds add-on for MudRunner. All machines have undergone deep processing and multiple improvements. Technique has become much more useful when passing maps.

– Changed textures and added improved interiors
– On the rear axles of the trucks installed mud tires (now the hook is much better)
– Better fitted and distributed standard add-ons
– Added a large number of new addons
– Added trawls with their cargoes, dump trucks, fuel and oversize plates, additional add-ons for cabs.
– Standard seat replaced by better
– Disabled permanent differential lock (in America, they should be included separately).
– All truck settings are standard and nothing has changed
– It will work, even if you do not have this DLS.

Trucks in a pack:
1. Ford 9000 – has 16 of its own and 18 standard add-ons
2. Chevrolet Bizon – has 17 of its own and 16 standard addons
3. Freightliner 120 – has 13 of its own and 18 standard
4. Western Star 6900 XD – has 4 of its own and 14 standard
5. Western Star 6900 TS – has 12 of its own and 18 standard addons

Authors: HADSON_152

Game Version: Spintires Mudrunner v18 / 10/18

Download American Wilds Trucks v1.1 – MudRunner -

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