Bark beetles: Golimy double bass Map v1.1 (Mudrunner)

The previous shift at the end of the watch safely fulfilled its plan, but when they received their blood, the peasants fell into a stupor, almost half the amount was missing. After clarification it turned out that the cost of diesel fuel was hung on the brigade. Guys for this attitude decided to teach the authorities of the site, hid technique and drowned in the pond, their personal transport, and then calmly went home. Today we step on watch, there is no transport and there is nothing to transport the forest. The embarrassed bosses refuse to let us into the repair shop and force us to drive the stolen cars into the garage! Now we will have to carry this bogus double bass to convert the equipment to needs or you can send them far away and find another way to open a repair shop!
Option 1: Find Kraz260 and two ZAZ968m, immerse the crane in the trailer and platform.
Option 2: Find the Garage van.
For single player, both options are required.

On the map there is: 
Repair shop (closed garage)
Harvesting (2 goats + sawmill)
Refueling in the city
6 Sawmills
6 Random cars
2 Story Cossacks
2 Equipped trucks for the story line
4 Replaceable cars (repair parts)
5 Points of exploration
Garage van and fuel tank !!
The map size is 32×32.
There is a bridge on the map, which can be repaired and do not go around!
My first work in the editor, maybe somewhere there will be shortcomings. Criticism is welcome!

Version 1.1 for Spintires: MudRunner (v11.12.17):

Reduced the number of stones in the glades
Large stones removed from the roads and river banks
Some places in the marshes simplified
Removed \ Reduced invisible dirt on the banks and glades


Test: This mod not tested. - Game Version: Spintires:Mudrunner v30.11.17

Download Bark beetles: Golimy double bass Map v1.1 (Mudrunner) -

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