City on the hill Map v11.06.18 – MudRunner

On the map there are modifications, for the storyline.
To close the first sawmill, it is necessary to bring to it large logs.
Then unload the sawmill on the tray and load it in the usual way, like ordinary logs and unload. In the muted state it will not load …
Also in the semi-trailer that comes with the card you can load the boards and take them to any other sawmill.
More graphic information in the screenshots.

On the map:
Three sawmills
One garage with gas station (closed)
Four slots for choosing a car
Loading only through log collection sites randomly appearing on the map

Authors: DmitriyGDS

Game Version: Spintires Mudrunner v18 / 05/21

Download City on the hill Map v11.06.18 – MudRunner

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