Dangerous Road Map v18/05/21 – MudRunner

The size of the map is 32×32 (1 km to 1 km).
There are two versions of the map – autumn and summer.
According to the plot you need to deliver the garage parts on a dangerous road through a mountain pass, and to carry logs. Who does not want to do this, there is a detour, or you can use the open garage. You must have DLS “Valley”. The card was tested on default machines. In the multiplayer is not checked. All pleasant pokatushek.

On the map:
-2 Garage (1 closed)
-1 Refueling
-2 points automatic, 3 points manual, 1 point semi-automatic loading of logs.
-6 Sawmills.
-9 points of intelligence.
-4 Auto at the start (replaceable)

Spintires version 18/05/21: MudRunner (v18 / 05/21):
Updated the map to v18 / 05/21. On v18.10.18 also works. The map has changed a bit: bridges have been removed from the swamp, the construction of a bridge from logs (replaced by wood), 1 sawmill (now there are 5), 1 garage (now it is 1 on the map, and it is closed), the post at one of the sawmills is removed.

Added: forest road along the river, equipment from Dls “Ridge”. I corrected the mountain road (now it has become more dangerous, it was tested on default), some points of exploration were moved to other places, other minor improvements and changes. A non-stable operation of the card is possible due to the presence of a large number of objects on it. During testing, small loads were observed.

Authors: obivan

Game Version: Spintires Mudrunner v18 / 05/21

Download Dangerous Road Map v18/05/21 – MudRunner - Modsup.com

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