Delivery of Firewood Map v18.11.18 – MudRunner

Hello!!! Today I want to offer a rather amusing map, but the map is far from being for the arkadnikov, well, those who are not well controlled with the manipulator, because they will have to ship a lot, long and hard!

A small plot on the map:
Your task is to dissolve firewood (birch and fire) in the villages (marked on the map as “bereza and gorelij”), where the owners of the site for receiving the cargo will meet you.
You are given 3 cars for this: Maz 6317, Kamaz 65115, Kamaz 4310 (fully equipped and ready to go). In one of the garages, you will be waited for by 2 Kraza255 with a folding bridge, with the help of which you will have to cross the unfinished bridges.
On the basis of invoices, you are supposed to bring at least 50 logs to each unloading site (logs are located in designated areas by the forester in groups), which are to be found (indicated on the map).

Map 1.5km to 1.5km

On the map:
2 garages (closed)
1 fuel station
7 places of unloading
16 exploration points
2 slots for cars (needed for reconnaissance and search for logs)

A map without SpinMod will not work.
The map is far from being for weak computers, but as far as possible it is optimized for stable operation at 60 fps.

Authors: Alexey Pchyolkin

Game Version: Spintires Mudrunner v18 / 10/18

Download Delivery of Firewood Map v18.11.18 – MudRunner -

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