Delivery to the village Map v22.10.18 – MudRunner

You are an ordinary tenant of one of these houses, your job is to carry logs. There is a small village near your city. You have been given a job – to go take valuable logs for the winter. Before you on the road from the exit from the courtyard an accident occurred, your additional goal is to put this transport on the wheels with which the accident occurred. Also your main goal is to bring logs! You take them from the old destroyed house, in which no one has lived for a long time. On the way you will meet various flimsy bridges with which you will have to cope.

On the map:
– 1 garage (open)
– 2 power-saw benches
– 1 refueling
– 1 logging
– 1 point intelligence
– 2 cars at the start

Map size: 608×608 meters.

Authors: icore8

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