DT-30 “Vityaz” v Beta (Mudrunner)

DT-30 “Vityaz” – a two-link all-terrain vehicle on caterpillar tracks.
Has 12 of its addons and 9 standard. Carries a cargo of 4 to 8 points, trailers and semi-trailers.
View from the cockpit without a dashboard.
Envelope from SpinTires 03.03.16. The author of the original fashion : Vasya Karpov (vasia_b4).

Without SpinTiresMod.exe version 1.6.4 the mod will not work!

I advise you to install it via the built-in mods manager SpinTiresMod.exe version 1.6.4.
Copy the contents of the Media folder to SpintiresMod \ Data \ SpinTires MudRunner \ Mods \ Name folder mod \ Media folder contents.
Do not forget to clean the cache (not always necessary on the situation).


Test: This mod tested by Spintiresmod.com - Game Version: Spintires:Mudrunner v11.12.17

Download DT-30 “Vityaz” v Beta (Mudrunner) - Modsup.com

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