Forgotten By God Map v10 – MudRunner

The map is created for mods, which have adequate parameters, without wrapping. The author of the card does not recognize the twisted fashion.
There is no automatic loading point on the map, because the meaning and idea of ​​the map is slightly different, you will see when you pass.
Take only four-wheel drive! (Many fords, bogs, and other impassability)
The map is complicated! (Please do not whine about bumps and dirt)
Many traps, both in fords and roads !!

On the map:
8 Machines (Kirovets, gasoline tank truck, repair + 5 starting)
6 Points of Intelligence
4 Sawmills
2 Refills
1 Garage (open, start from the Garage)
The size: 1024х832 meters.

Authors: Happy Single

Game Version: Spintires Mudrunner v18 / 05/21

Download Forgotten By God Map v10 – MudRunner -

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