FourWheelDrive 2 Map v1.0 (Mudrunner)

Hello! This is another work from me)
This card was tested on a non-wheel drive default automotive vehicle, namely, on the Kraz-256 and all the roadways.

In the archive 2 versions of the map: autumn and summer – to whom they like to ascend.
Map size 16×16

On the map there are: 
– 1 Garage (Closed);
– 1 Fuel station;
– 2 Loading points + 1 Loading logs;
– 4 Sawmills;
– 4 Intelligence points;
– 4 Slots for your car + 3 Auto on the map + 5 Random auto;

Authors: volgin136

Game Version: Spintires:Mudrunner v11.12.17

Download FourWheelDrive 2 Map v1.0 (Mudrunner) -

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