Head 4 (SpinTiresMod) Map v1.0 – MudRunner

As always, you are the head of the base, and as always there is a lot of worries.

1. Restore 2 refueling – take containers (watch the video)
2. We decided to organize a recreation area – take the residential modules 4pcs (watch the video)
3. Transfer the environmental laboratory to another location. We transport it and the generator
(each trailer has 4 points, for a loner if there is a trailer loss, there is one more
a generator, but the freaking environmentalists either drank it or stole the wheels from it.
We ship KrAZ truck with a loader in any body at the place of unloading, we attach, we close the file)
4. It is necessary to pick up equipment for refurbishment from an oil refinery – take 4pcs to Bazy
5. To transfer the crusher from one pit to another like the gold found there must be crushed
breed – for these purposes there is a MAZ-535 (watch the video). The optimal path is indicated by arrows.
(but he is not the only one)
6. Collect the core from the drill and take 10 pieces to the helicopter; boxes are scattered around the map;
KrAZ loader (by the way, the autonomous system can also load them). Search will have well
there are 12 of them on the map – you need to load 10. Immediately I say that they are not in the swamps. We are looking visually
on drilling rigs, navigate them far in sight, unload in the immediate vicinity of the helicopter
7. After the flood, there was nothing left of some bridges – along the way we set up bridges for the passage

The map has the following transport:
MAZ-535 2 pcs (for transportation of the crusher)
KAMAZ-5350 2 pcs (has a body with folding sides for loading unloading cargo) by Psix19rus
KAMAZ-43501 Airborne 2 pcs (repairman and tanker) by Psix19rus
KRAZ-260 4 pcs (2 loaders and 2 bridges) by msergt
New Holland W170C 3 pcs (for loading unloading cargo) authors: chekhrak, Psix19rus, yansors
Gantry crane (for loading cargo) by mBiG group
Sewn in semi-trailer with Polupricep_bort side flaps for loading unloading freight
(put on all mods taking default semi-trailers) by Muzden, Darius
Used trailers authors Psix19rus, Max Dmitriev (MaximDm67).
Also there are 4 free slots for your mods put or with a board (preferably with folding sides)
or which have a default hitch and default semitrailers

ATTENTION!!! In the garage you do not need to sort out the semi-trailers and we set trailers immediately and everything will happen differently
loss of bridges on the map – you have to carry with the garage

ATTENTION!!! The card only works with SpinTiresMod.exe installed (version 1.7.8 is used, 1.7.9 is not stable
constantly crashes)
you need to add 3 more controllers to the existing ones (watch the video keys, you can assign any
for control according to your desire the zero controller does not work) without this operation special equipment
WILL NOT WORK !!! Control is performed without functions, operations are combined, works
on the go including

I also thank everyone who helped in creating the map, namely: Psix19rus, Maxim Elistratov (msergt), chekhrak.
Those who do not want (can not) ship into the manual (skill, of course, a certain need), please pass by

Placing on Internet resources only with the original link of the author
Have a nice game!

Authors: Shashok75

Game Version: Spintires Mudrunner v18 / 05/21

Download Head 4 (SpinTiresMod) Map v1.0 – MudRunner - Modsup.com

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