Here comes Autumn # 2 Map v1.0 – MudRunner

The card was on StartUp and, unfortunately, did not collect the amount claimed. But, nevertheless, the map is published in free access!
Thank you for donat: Dmitry Khramtsov – 200 rubles.

Hello, friends, not a week passed, and the new card is ready. Map from the series “Here comes autumn!”. These two cards are very similar, but still different. Before going through the map, I would like to ask you, friends, to go on the roads, do not jump over the bumpers, I understand what the game allows you, but the author did not just put them, and I’m talking for all the cards. Simply to me as the author, it will be unpleasant that you will simply go everywhere in the Urals of Vitalgan, roughly speaking. So, that on the map, the card is made under default, but very complex (Relative to dirt). The swamp is eaten. So, be prepared to use a winch. All good luck in passing the map!

On the map:
– 1 Garage (Closed)
– 1 Refueling
– 1 Timber, 3 Loading points, 0 Locator logs scavenge
– 5 Sawmill
– 4 Points of Intelligence
– 4 Auto at start (replaceable) + Auto on map + On logging

The size is 736 by 736 meters.

Authors: Саша Нанаев

Game Version: Spintires Mudrunner v18 / 05/21

Download Here comes Autumn # 2 Map v1.0 – MudRunner -

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