Highwater Map (Mudrunner)

Highwater – all new Spintires: Mudrunner map created by Torridon88. There’s something for everyone in this map – Logging, trailing and exploring.

Highwater is my first map created exclusively for Spintires: Mudrunner. It’s a large logging/trailing hybrid map based on a valley with a swollen river at the center. There are three objectives, two garages, one fuel station, one log pickup, numerous watchpoints and hidden vehicles to unlock.

The map features many different routes, from muddy roads to dirt paths and rocky trails. The majority are not marked on the map.

There are two versions of the map each with different starting conditions. The
hardcore start challenges you to find hidden vehicles carrying garage parts needed to unlock the first garage. The casual start gives you one unlocked garage and a few vehicles from the beginning. Both are included in the download, see the README text for details and instructions.

Hardcore start – 1 vehicle – quickstart – 3 vehicles
2 Garages
1 Fuel Station
3 Objectives
1 Lumber Point
1 Log Kiosk
7 Watchpoints


Test: This mod not tested. - Game Version: Spintires:Mudrunner v07.11.17

Download Highwater Map (Mudrunner)

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