How to play Pokémon Go?

First of all, fort he playing the game you need thePokémon Go app available for IOS or Android platforms. Pokémon Go is available only some countries which United States, Australia and New Zeland. İf you are not playing the game those areas like Turkey, be patientso Pokémon Go game company, Niantic is rolling out the game other regions step by step as time goes on. Also Pokemon game that can save from internet addiction .

When you have been logged in to the game you will get a briefing. That is about the introduction of the game and training. The professor Willow gives you an introduction to the game and catching your choice of the starter pokémon, Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle.
After the training the game let you walking around,aside froma tips section that explains basic map icons. The game has three basic parts: catching Pokémon, gym battles and staying poke stops.
How do you catch a Pokémon? When you are walking around with the app –must be opened buzz mode on your phone- phone will buzz if you are nearby a Pokémon. Tap on the Pokémon icon on your phone, game will switch you catching interface. There is a ring surrounding the Pokémon which has one of the three color. Green ring is easiest, yellow one is intermediate and the redone isthe most difficult. Most Powerful Pokemons catching is more diffucults then casual Pokemons.
Level up a character
İn the game, you can earn experience every activities like catching a Pokémon, fighting at a gym or visiting a poke stops. İn addition to, if you reach fifth level you will be given to chance to choose team. Teams have three color: red Team Valor, Yellow Team Instinct blue Team Mystic. You have opportunity to battle with the other trainers in gyms.
Battling others
Video Games Reviews says battling in the game is very basic. İt’s looking like a Game Boy game battles. You can use one of two attacks tapping on the enemy icon to do a light attack, and tap holding for edit a special attack. You can dodge attack of your enemy, swiping right and left. The battle continues until one of them has fainted.

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