If the dam will break through Map v15.05.18 – MudRunner

The envelope of the card from Spintires 03/03/16.
The last map from Spintires that I wanted to add to Mudrunner.
The map is presented in two versions with a closed garage (for those who like the quest to open the garage) and the option with an open garage.
The season is autumn, the size is 1024 meters by 1024 meters (1 by 1 km).
Synopsis card is as follows. As a result of the destruction of the dam, bridges, roads, and ferries were damaged. The village and the old garage are partially under water. The task is to evacuate from the old garage all that remained. The military unit allocated several cars for you, but the drivers, conscripts decided to play Spintires: MudRunner and scattered around the map.

If the dam breaks through:
– 1 garage (closed);
– 1 fuel station;
– 10 points of intelligence;
– 1 logging + 2 loading points + 1 logging place;
– 3 sawmills;
– 6 cars + random machines + 4 slots for cars (replaceable).

If the dam breaks through v2:
– 2 garages (1 open);
– 1 fuel station;
– 10 points of intelligence;
– 1 logging + 2 loading points;
– 4 sawmills;
– 3 cars + random machines + 4 slots for cars (replaceable).

For adequate work of the map, you need to download such mods (registered on the map): UAZ-3152, GAZ-67, Ural-432011, pack KrAZ / YAAZ / EO-3323.

It is recommended to use TMM to shorten the path, which is installed on KrAZ-260 from mserght. You need to put it in any slot.

Checkpoints and intelligence points are present.
For non-wheel drive technology will be difficult, sometimes impassable.

Authors: Odor_Mortis

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