Jeep FC-150 v22.05.18 – MudRunner

Jeep Forward Control is a truck that was produced by Willys, and then by the Kaiser Jeep from 1956 to 1965. He also met in other international markets. The layout differed in the design of the cockpit (front control).

Presented in 1956 model FC-150 were based on the CJ-5 (wheelbase size 81 inches (210 cm)) with a berth at 78 inches (200 cm). In 1958, the FC-150 received a new, wider chassis. His track was increased from 48 inches (120 cm) to 57 inches (140 cm). The 1958 FC-150 concept included a 83.5-inch (210 cm) wheelbase, an extended track (which produced the production) and a new 4-speed manual gearbox T-98. This model had a gross weight of 5000 pounds (2300 kg).

It has:
-4 of their addon
-their cargo
-your sound
-4 body colors
-view from the cockpit
-Animation of steering wheel
-Instrument panel disabled

Authors: powers2440

Game Version: Spintires Mudrunner v18.03.06

Download Jeep FC-150 v22.05.18 – MudRunner -

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