Kamaz-53212 AP-16 v01 – MudRunner

The car powder extinguishing (AP) is specialized for extinguishing fires with fire-extinguishing powder formulations (OPS) at power facilities, chemical facilities. industry and radiation hazardous facilities.
In an AP-5000-40 (53215) PM567 powder extinguishing powder, an extinguishing powder with a uniform mass of not less than 5000 kg is stored in 3 vessels with a capacity of 2.1 m3 combined by a piping system. Any of the vessels is mounted on a single lodgment on the car frame and is a vertically placed cylinder with 2 spherical bottoms.

For the basis took Kamaz from the pack from Egor Bukin

Has 1 of its addon
Is able to carry 4 points of its cargo.

Authors: arshinskiy03

Game Version: Spintires Mudrunner v18 / 05/21

Download Kamaz-53212 AP-16 v01 – MudRunner

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