Kamaz 6×4 Pack v1.2 – MudRunner

Pack consisting of KAMAZ vehicles with wheel formula 6×4.
In the pack you are waiting for 6 models, cars are capable of carrying up to 6 points of cargo.
Its addons for each car, a lot of their goods.

Kamaz-54115 – 16 of their own and 3 standard add-ons.
Kamaz-5320 – 12 of their own and 16 standard add-ons.
KAMAZ-55102 – 14 of their own and 16 standard add-ons.
KAMAZ-5511 – 12 of their own and 4 standard add-ons.
KAMAZ-5410 – 17 of its 3 standard add-ons.
Kamaz-53212 – 17 of their own and 5 standard add-ons.

The authors of the original 3D models: Devil38rus, Egor Bukin, Lexan.
The mod also used works from authors: Egor Bukin, CyMpak, Slava_102Rus, (MaximDm67), msergt, (RedPoW), (yantz1996), arshinskiy03, unknown.

Version 1.2 for Spintires: MudRunner (v18 / 05/21):
Fixed bug with loading model 53212 and the number on model 55102.

Authors: HADSON_152

Game Version: Spintires Mudrunner v18 / 05/21

Download Kamaz 6×4 Pack v1.2 – MudRunner - Modsup.com

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