Kazitsyno Map v1.25 (Mudrunner)

My first card …
The remains of the collective farm “Ilyich’s Appeal”, 2 closed garages, the garage parts are left behind the lake and on the plot where only long logs are stored (in a line called Trestinitsa), there is still Zil who did not reach the garage and drank , a pair of old barrels with the remnants of a Soviet solyary in one of the villages and on an abandoned peat bog.
In the upper village with a garage there is a block-post that lets only cars pass so that they do not break the road through the village (there is a detour). Size 30×30
6 saws , 3 slots for machines.
In general, everywhere there are detours, see the map and open it with cars.
Successful pokatushek and deep dirt! (The card was tested on default)

Dmitry Markin

Test: This mod not tested. - Game Version: Spintires:Mudrunner v07.11.2017

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