Kirovets K700 "Updated" v01/13/19 – MudRunner

Features of this mod:
– new sounds (less turbo whistles!)
– addon crane (with a winch point in the paws of the grip, for lifting vehicles)
– coupling for large garage semi-trailer MAZ
– spare tire addon
– increased torque (200,000)
– more thrust
– has a slightly better steering (more power, 1 ° more angle of rotation, -3 ° angle of rotation for each wheel)

It is less noisy, and thanks to the new add-ons, increased power and burden, it will easily become your new preferred vehicle for loading, towing and salvage.

Authors: DerEggen

Game Version: Spintires Mudrunner v19 / 11/18

Download Kirovets K700 "Updated" v01/13/19 – MudRunner -

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