Kolyma Port Map v1.0.18 (Mudrunner)

Somewhere near Magadan there is a port that was built in the 70s. Previously, there was a mine where
iron ore was mined. After 30 years, the mine was emptied, and ships began to sail less often, and one was left at the old pier altogether. The roads were left unattended. In some places, they were blurred, and one bridge was blown away by the current during the flood. There was no coal left in the boiler room, which was heated by a small town and an old workshop.
In the place of coal began to bring wood, but the technique on which the timber was transported was shaken, and the gasoline tanker was drowned at the old pier. The truck with garage parts also managed to stagger.

You also have to pull out a gasoline truck and find Kamaz with garage parts, after which they get to the garage. On trucks, deliver the forest to the boiler room and to the old workshop.

About the map:
size 15×15
3 slots for your machines + equipment on the map
1 loading point
1 sawmill
2 sawmills
3 points explore
1 garage (closed)
1 refueling at the old jetty
mud is not cruel
suitable for non-wheel drive vehicles, but there are places where it is better not to stick to them.

Warning: at the corners slow down, otherwise you can fly off the road to the cliff and part with your car.

Many thanks to Sashok Sempyat for helping with the problems and Psix19rus for video lessons.
Well, in the end I wish good luck on the road and on the corners.

Authors: Stas.Feofan

Game Version: Spintires:Mudrunner v11.12.17

Download Kolyma Port Map v1.0.18 (Mudrunner)

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