Kraz-260G Truck V12.01.18 (Mudrunner)

Kraz-260G has: 
– 9 of its add-ons + 8 standard ones;
– its cargo: it transports 4-8 points.
View from the cockpit without a dashboard.

Kraz-260G Def has: 
– 1 of its add-on + 14 standard;
View from the cockpit with the presence of the instrument panel

Version 12.01.18 for Spintires: MudRunner (v11.12.17):

Added one more truck.
Fix some problems.

Authors: volgin136

Game Version: Spintires:Mudrunner v11.12.17

Download Kraz-260G Truck V12.01.18 (Mudrunner) -

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