La luna 10: American Wilds Map v1 – MudRunner

This map is not complicated, but not simple. On both sides of the highway there are mountains, where there are 5 unloading sites. Each unloading zone has its own path. There are many dense routes on the map! You drive along narrow roads, through rivers, along the edges of cliffs and make small bends that go down or rise! There are many variations in the height of roads, there are many stones along and on the roads. Some routes are dirty.

– You will have to use the winch a little “more” than usual.
– On the map there are points of a hook on steep slopes and in some bends.
– There are 11 control points, they can be opened by dividing into 4 different trucks.
– Some points of intelligence are placed just like that, but all the rest are not!
– It is not recommended to install the gearbox in automatic mode when you are driving down!

On the map:
-3 refueling
-1 garage (closed)
-1 fellowships + 2 loading points
-4 sawmills
-14 points of intelligence
-4 auto on start

Size: 1024х1024 meters

Authors: Yoepie

Game Version: Spintires Mudrunner v18 / 05/21

Download La luna 10: American Wilds Map v1 – MudRunner -

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