La Luna 12: Extreme logging Map v28.09.18 – MudRunner

Comrades truckers, welcome to the extreme logging.

This card is not difficult, but not easy.
On the map:
At the start there are two signs in the parking lot. This will tell you what to do! (see the first two images)
There is a garage on one side of the map. On the other hand – the village, this village – your sawmills. Between them is your playing field. There are no loading points on the map. You have to look for logs!
There are 3 plots where logs lie on the ground, next to the road.
You will need a truck with a crane. Logs are placed as piles, 4 logs for short logs and 3 logs for medium logs. There are no long logs on the map. 8 sawmills and for them 10 logging zones on the map. If you lose a lot of logs, you must go back and pick up these logs. Even if logs lie on difficult places !!
Is this an extreme logging or not 🙂

You will drive along narrow steep roads, mud roads, across rivers, along slopes. The height of the map is changed. On the map there are new objects and plants.

– You will use the winch several times.
– On the map there are points of gear winches, on steep slopes and on small turns.
– There are 11 points of balance, which can be distributed for 4 replaced trucks.
– Most of the point of intelligence is placed off the road, for some points of exploration you have to put more effort into it 🙂
– It is not advisable to put the gearbox on the machine when you go up the hill !! 🙂

Size: 1024 by 1024 meters. The height of the map is 128 meters.

On the map:
– 1 garage (closed);
– 1 fuel station;
– 10 points of reconnaissance;
– 8 sawmills;
– 3 cars + 4 slots for cars (replaceable).

Update 1.1 (28.09.18): added (2×4) 6 points to the playing field.

Authors: Yoepie

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