La Luna 14: EXtreme Logging 2 Map v1.0 – MudRunner

Welcome to EXtreme Logging 2. This map is complex and challenging in some places.

At the start are two signs in the parking lot. You need to choose your way! There are 7 areas where logs lie on the ground, next to the road. You will need a truck with crane support. There are also 8 unloading places.

You will drive along narrow steep and mud roads, along the edges of wooded slopes, drive through real valleys, a lot of crossings, through rivers and streams.

– You will have to use a winch somewhat “more” normal.
– On the map there are hook points on steep slopes and in some turns.
– There are 7 control points, they can be opened by using 2 different trucks.
– It is not recommended to set the gearbox in automatic mode when you go down!

On the map:
– 1 garage (closed)
– 8 sawmills
– 1 refueling
– 1 loading point
– 12 exploration points
– 4 cars at the start

Map size: 1024×1024 meters.

Authors: Yoepie

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