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Welcome to One Road Only 2.
First of all, happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

You will need to install spintires mods to play on this map. Map size = 1.5 x 1.5 km.

This card is complex and not simple!
There is “only one road” on this map, which will run across the entire map.
The road is divided into 5 sections, and you will move from section to section.
In each section there is a loading and unloading area, a garage, a gas station and a garage trailer. All sections are separated by a post.
You will start with three trucks and one truck (Gas-66) is on the road. In each section, you get a garage trailer.
The entire route on the map is almost 20 km (no roads to flags).
The map is complicated and the routes are long!

You will drive along narrow steep roads, along edges and wooded slopes, valleys, through mud, rivers and streams. There are many variations in height. And a lot of little stones!

– You will have to use a winch somewhat “more” normal.
– On the map there are hook points on steep slopes and in some turns.
– There are 7 control points, they can be opened using 2 different trucks.
– It is not recommended to set the gearbox in automatic mode when you go down!

On the map:
-6 garages (1 open)
-7 sawmills
-6 refills
-7 loading points
-20 exploration points
-8 balance points
-3 cars at the start (only 13 on the map)

Authors: Yoepie

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