Lada Niva 2131 Rally v1.1 – MudRunner

Mod made for fan of the competition “ZIL Autocross.” Niva has all wheel drive and differential, tank 50 liters and durability of 700 units. It was tested on the cards from the competition “ZIL Autocross”. It is a fast and beautiful machine. The mod contains 2 modifications in the form of 2 auto settings.
-Setting 1: the wheels have better grip and the taxiing is not particularly fast, but the car is controlled quite well.
-Setting 2: the road wheels on the ground slightly go into a skid, the steering wheel tosses faster, which gives all the same good handling the car.
There are 2 add-ons: Spare wheels (loaded in the trunk) contain 300 repair points. An additional tank (mounted behind the navigator’s seat) contains 80 liters of fuel.

I would be happy to read your suggestions for improving the car in the comments.)) Good luck to everyone on the track.

Authors: Dima_Litovka

Game Version: Spintires Mudrunner v18 / 10/18

Download Lada Niva 2131 Rally v1.1 – MudRunner -

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