Leshukonia – Base of Forest Protection Map v1.0 (Mudrunner)

Guys, the previous business trip was dirty, I fully understand … Nothing, now you have more or less smooth roads. Today in Leshukonia – there is a base for unloading the forest .. Your task is to breed on Sawmills and Construction! About the terrain, although somewhere asphalt, somewhere a rut, but that’s exactly what I say – fords! Prepare cars for the river – it crosses most of the roads … Well, otherwise the roads are good.

PS – Detours, swamps, fallen trees … Everything is … The path chosen by you depends on you!

1 Closed garage (Find Urals on the map).
1 Loading point (Kiosk + automatic).
2 Starting transport (Many stars).
3 Refills (In different places on the map).
7 Other machines on the map. (Including Kirovets).
7 Sawmills (Spread across the map).

The testing was conducted on the version 11.12.17. Bugs and errors are not found!

Весёлый Одиночка

Test: This mod tested by Spintiresmod.com - Game Version: Spintires:Mudrunner v11.12.17

Download Leshukonia – Base of Forest Protection Map v1.0 (Mudrunner)

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