Pack Zil Legends of the USSR 2 4×2 (6×6) Final version v18/05/21 – MudRunner

Remake of pack Zil “Legends of the USSR 2” by Dmitry Evdokimov
He corrected some jambs, removed unnecessary addons, reduced power, removed the all-wheel drive where it should not be, increased the weight of the load. Logs are now loaded and unloaded without bugs. The device is removed, the steering wheel does not turn – this is a question already to the author of 3D model. As for me, he does not need a gift, a third-person game does not work!

ZiS / ZiL – 585 has 5 of its addons. Author: ronnie.
ZiS / ZiL – 164 has 5 of its addons. Authors: ronnie, Soul Reaver.
ZiS / ZiL – 151 has 5 of its addons. Authors: Maxim Gordeev, Anton Smirnov; Vitaly Jants; driver-51rus; Du-mont, Ha3aP.

Authors: Demon 46Rus

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