Polygon Map V 0.1 (Mudrunner)

Initially, the range was conceived for reviews in the group Vitargan177 .
But later it was decided not to limit the route for reviews and expand its functionality for mod-makers.
As a result, three locations for different types of equipment were made: cars and jeeps, tractors and freight vehicles.

On this range you will see: 
For each type of technology, there are actual obstacles.
The various complexity of the swamp, the mountain “Who is above”, the circuit (playground), mud roads, the acceleration band, waterfalls, lakes, forest roads, various ascents uphill.
A huge number of spas for comfortable moving from one test to another.
Before each test there is a felling site to pass this obstacle loaded, as well as a sawmill to pass the obstacle empty.

The autodrome is made according to formulas based on the size of the standard Kamaz.
Autodrome will help to understand how maneuverable and responsive on the road this or that car.
This polygon will help you set up any mod game (probably everything except that it is not necessary in the game – huge ships, whalers, etc. …), make it balanced and achieve the desired result in the settings.

After that, was authored by MudRunner, but not completely, is under development, and is laid out for those who really need a good polygon.

Replaces the standard polygon!

Author: Psix19rus

Game Version: Spintires:Mudrunner v05.11.17

Download Polygon Map V 0.1 (Mudrunner) - Modsup.com

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