Polygon "Mavik 71" Map v1.3 – MudRunner

There are two versions of the polygon in the archive: Poligon_Mavik71 does not replace the default, game_proving replaces the default.
When using a polygon as a map, SpintiresMod is needed to render the spawn points.
You must have a USA DLC.

The first version of the landfill has a more extensive test plot, but I decided to post a shortened version. If there is interest in this landfill, lay out the first version.

Version 1.3:
1. the marsh has been completely redone, the viscosity of the mud has been added (default passes, tested at 4310)
2. added spawn for loading.
3. Added loading locations for each spawn.
4. location of the sawmill on the long slide and other minor additions and corrections.
5. replaced the starting car with a Hummer.

Authors: mavik71

Game Version: Spintires Mudrunner v19 / 11/18

Download Polygon "Mavik 71" Map v1.3 – MudRunner - Modsup.com

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