Severe Siberia Map v1.0 – MudRunner

Good day! I present to your attention the map “Severe Siberia” for Spintires: MudRunner.

Scale: 1024×1024 (Maximum)

On the map:
1 Garage (Closed)
6 Sawmills
1 Refueling
4 Loading Points
11 points of intelligence
4 Slots for your car
6 cars on the map

Briefly about the map: Harsh Siberian atmosphere, interesting / realistic landscape, well-developed sites with mud, various roads, the map is made with emphasis on playing multiplayer, but for a single game everything is provided, there are a couple of secret logs on the map, there are also fuel tanks and repair parts are useful to you, the card is not for default.

Authors: Frxlxv

Game Version: Spintires Mudrunner v18 / 10/18

Download Severe Siberia Map v1.0 – MudRunner -

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