Sounds for Ural-44202-31 / 4320-31 v1.5 – MudRunner

3 Versions of sounds (1 sound in two versions) for the Ural-44202-31 / 4320-31 version 3.0 (02.05.18) from Darius and Muzden , I hope that they like it))

The installation is simple: copy to the place where you have installed the mod with the replacement of files.

The sounds are taken from here: Mod Pak Uralov from Chekhrak , Sound YMZ-238 from Romka1987 and Sound YAMZ-238 from Russian beast , as well as sounds taken from the Internet

Version 1.5 for Spintires: MudRunner (v18 / 03/06):

Substantially reworked the first version of the sounds “Sounds1”, and also added another version of this sound “Sounds2” (with subgas at high speed), new sounds of singles, added 3 variants of subassembly (audible when you press the gas and change gears), also added sound to lowered speed (the sound will be heard when working with the manipulator and restricting the speed in the first gear), I recommend you update who liked the first version of the sound “Sounds1”, the second version of the sound “Sounds3” remained unchanged.

Authors: El Pistolero

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