Summer Graphics Remastered v1.2.7 – MudRunner

The modification was configured under SweetFX 1.3 By limon.

Remember that SweetFX may conflict with the editor (for those who use it), and mods that change the sky (lighting) – with multiplayer.
So if you don’t want to risk multiplayer in advance, use only textures from the downloaded archive.

I repeat: if you need multiplayer, you can only afford the basic texture pack.

Summer Graphics Remastered Features:
– Removed grain (Film Grain);
– Removed card stoppers (red signs);
– Now it’s always summer;
– HD textures;
– New textures of the compass, dashboard, driver, cable, earth, roads and vegetation;
– Original grilles for stock equipment;
– Particular emphasis is placed on the most imperceptible loading of Lods, the exception in this regard is made only for coniferous trees;
– HD texture logs own authorship;
– Added a new plant.

Screenshots and video review are made using the above modifications.

1. We make a full backup in order to be able to get everything back in place if you don’t like something;
2. Unpack the archive and replace the files in the appropriate .zip directories (who uses the unpacked modified folders will guess where to put the files in this case;
3. Run the file “Clear cache (without resetting the game) .bat”

Note: the following works were used during assembly:
1. Texture “Summer” version 1.0 for MudRunner
2. “Realism HD 2017 version 2.0” for SpinTires
3. Mod “Rainy weather” for SpinTires
4. Textures “Juicy Summer” version 2 for SpinTires
5. Original MudRunner files and several separate texture modifications of the compass, cable, and driver.

PS: I thank all the authors whose work I had to use in the process of creating this mod and I apologize for changing your textures, I did for myself, but I decided to share it with those who wish, I hope you do not mind.

Version 1.2.7 for Spintires: MudRunner (v18 / 10/18):
– Adaptation for the version of the simulator 10/18/18, including DLC;
– Added its own lighting settings for SweetFX 1.3 By limon;
– Added files of the Russian translation of the names of stock cars of domestic production + New UAZ 225 version 3.2, Yamal, GAZ-53 and MTZ-82 (who are installed) with all addons.
– Added / updated textures.

Authors: Oleg Kondratov (condros)

Game Version: Spintires Mudrunner v18 / 10/18

Download Summer Graphics Remastered v1.2.7 – MudRunner -

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