Tes settlement Map v1.02 – Mudrunner

The size of the map: 1024 x 1024 meters (32×32).
The map is made a prototype of the real existing terrain, but for the best gameplay the landscape was changed and some places were invented. The map is a kind of sandbox. Closer to the center it will be more convenient to drive the forest on small cars – in fact , they made the road for them: GAZ-53 Series from Pokemone , MAZ-200 Series from Pokemone , or other small cars, including cars.
And closer to the edges of the map, i.e. on the contour, any default auto, but it is desirable in some places without a long dissolution. On all sorts of monsters and supercars, I think it will not be interesting to play.
The map was made for standard cars – on them and a test was conducted.
Now on the map itself – there are rivers, lakes, mountains, marshes, rocks, glades, bridges, dams and much more.
The map was made for a long time and was checked many times, but the jambs can be – we are all people.
There are two versions in the archive: summer and autumn.

Tips for passing:
1) Always pay attention to the wooden single fence.
2) Never try to go against the current of the river, whether it be a ford or a mountain river.
3) Do not hurry – there is much to see on the map.
4) The most harmless road can dull your vigilance.

On the map:
– 5 slots for cars – Mazes replaced with * GAZ-53 Series *
– 2 Garages (one opened)
– 1 Refueling (this is enough)
– 2 Lesopovala
– 2 Loading points (one for small cars)
– 8 Pilots
– 10 Points of Intelligence
– 5 Auto on start (replaceable)
– 3 bridges for construction, as well as one place for installing a mobile bridge.

Version 1.02 for Spintires: MudRunner (v29.01.18):

While the new card is not ready – I decided to post the latest version of this card.
The card stably works with SpinTiresMod The
map was heavily loaded with objects – flights without SpinTiresMod are possible.
The main change is of course the textures, some places on the map have also been corrected, auto-loading has been added.
The bridges do not necessarily have ice crossings.
The ice added one modification due to the instability of the others, but on it, call slowly.

Authors: Sanyates

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