Ural-44202-31 / 4320-31 Truck v2.0 – MudRunner

Pak from two urals, truck tractor 44202-31 and bortovik 4320-31.
44202-31 has 4 of its add-on + 7 standard.
4320-31 has 15 of its add-ons + 10 standard.

Legendary in the north Ural, a military model with an engine YMZ238.
This is the shortest base in the Urals, plus it is that when turning the rear wheels go on the track of the front, thereby increasing the permeability. YaMZ 238 is like a Kalashnikov assault rifle, in the north a reliable motor, is not afraid of a bad salary, it is low-turnover, it is possible to strangle in mud on small ones, then it climbs everywhere.

Fashion was made to order Yuri Meshchaninov and, thanks to him, he was laid out in common.

Idea: Yuri Meshchaninov
Work with 3D models, creation, editing, animation, assembly: Darius.
Textures, setting: Muzden, Darius.

Version 2.0 (21.04.18) for Spintires: MudRunner (v18 / 03/06):

– replaced tires on the OI-25
– added the original mount for the spare parts
– added the original box under the awning
– completely redone the long side
– added their tracks from the wheels

Authors: Artem Mohir (Darius)

Game Version: Spintires Mudrunner v18.03.06

Download Ural-44202-31 / 4320-31 Truck v2.0 – MudRunner

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