Ural Plots Map v1.0 (Mudrunner)

Find: Gas 66, with his help pull the cart (garage parts) out of the swamp in the (west), find the Urals with garage parts.
2 carts from gas 66, and Ural with 2 points of garage.

On the map: 
– 1 Garage (closed)
– 2 Refueling
– 1 Lesopoval
– 2 Loading points
– 6 Pilots
– 9 Points of exploration
– 2 Auto on start (replaceable)

Enjoy the game! The most difficult fords on Kamaz were tested with a trailer disbanded.


Test: This mod tested by Spintiresmod.com - Game Version: Spintires:Mudrunner v11.12.17

Download Ural Plots Map v1.0 (Mudrunner) - Modsup.com

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