Whirlpool Map v1.0 (Mudrunner)

Imagine that you came to work in the forest on a rotational basis. The truth is, the last shift did not come in a human way, having received the money before leaving and having properly marked the end of the watch, dropped the cars on the site where it got, without driving them to the garage, without repairing or refueling. In short, we’ll have to put things in order on the site and spend a day on it and start working.

On the map: 
Size 32×32
2 Garages (closed)
2 Refueling
points 2 Loading points and 1 logging site
5 Pilots
7 Roadblocks
4 starting cars (replaceable)
Many cars scattered on the map, including random maps The

map is complicated, but the default goes smoothly, on monsters there will simply not be interesting.

Test: This mod tested by Spintiresmod.com - Game Version: Spintires:Mudrunner v07.11.17

Download Whirlpool Map v1.0 (Mudrunner) - Modsup.com

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