Zil-130 4×2 (4×4) version of the Final – MudRunner

For the basis were taken Zil-130B-130M-4314M “Legends of the USSR” D.Evdokimov
A lot of things on the little things placate and completed, all trailers, bodywork, semitrailers loaded as expected, a lot of deleted as unnecessary, TTX cut, there are still some schools, but this is a job for real modders, and I do a complete zero)

Pak Zilkov 130:
4х4 Three Zila with 28 addons
4×2 Three Zila with 29 addons
Transport 1 point of cargo – 1 log of Kor;
2 points – 2 logs of corn; 3 points – 4 logs of cores; 4 – points – 3 logs of medium; 5 – points – 4 medium. logs and 6 points 3 + 3.
Have better cross-country ability than the standard Zil due to the differential lock and all-wheel drive, but it’s still Zil, so after taking the overhead load you can finish your journey at the loading point)) Take the loads proceeding from the roads ..
I did it for myself, I hope someone will come in handy … There is a view from the cab, but he’s a sham. And when the first start, addons are loaded for a long time from 5 to 15 seconds …

Authors: Demon 46Rus

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