ZIL-130 Truck v3.0 – MudRunner

Finalization of the standard ZIL-130.
Register four-wheel drive, front axle now also works.
Added several addons (Authors: FURKAT, pokemone). Thanks to addons, you can boot yourself.
Has 3 of its addon + 11 standard.
The mod has a good cross.
Replaces the standard ZIL-130.

Version 3.0 for Spintires: MudRunner (v18 / 05/21):
I made attachment of addons to the frame, attachment of the load to addons, changed the weight of the machine, now behaves more steadily on an inclined road. So far, all that had time to fix.

Authors: VOZHAK

Game Version: Spintires Mudrunner v18 / 05/21

Download ZIL-130 Truck v3.0 – MudRunner - Modsup.com

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