Zil-131 from Voodoo v1.0 – MudRunner

– Fixed a bug with dumping medium logs on a timber truck platform with dissolution

– Replaced the cargo that is loaded into the kung trailer (Initially, the author registered the wrong cargo (from a simple trailer))

– Fixed loading location zones, number of logs for loading and dumping of logs on some addons (I recommend to test on the range)

– Changed the amount of fuel / repair on many add-ons and Zilka himself, as well as changed the number of cargo points (now carries a maximum of 6 points)

– Added missing def. Addons to replace the default Zil 131 (see below)

Now there are no 8 loading points, 4 garage points in the Kung trailer, bugs when dumping logs, etc. the only thing that did not touch this is the character of the Zilka patency and the weight of the goods, This revision is based on corrections and balance under default

These settings should be put over the installed Zil-131 from Voodoo version 15.03.18 with the replacement of files, the performance of changes on the licensed version (in the incentive) has not been tested

In the archive you will find 2 replacement settings folders:
1. Usual replacement ie You will have the original mod from Voodoo with these settings

2. Replacing the default Zyl 131 ie mod you have to replace the default Zilok thus on some cards where the author of the card has registered 131 you will not need to occupy 1 slot at start + mod you have to replace clumsy def. 131

Authors: El Pistolero

Game Version: Spintires Mudrunner v18 / 10/18

Download Zil-131 from Voodoo v1.0 – MudRunner - Modsup.com

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