ZiL-131RS "Balda" Truck v05.06.18 – MudRunner

ZiL-131RS “Balda” is a truck from the exclusion zone! The image of this mod was inspired by the game Stalker and stalker cards for Spintires, which from time to time appeared in this game.
The mod is made for all the canons of the game MudRunner, so it has all the necessary animations, colosias and other interesting features available in this game!
Mod ZiL-131RS “Balda” has: 13 of its addons + 8 standard, 3 of its cargo, its wheels and its original textures. This mod is unlike any other, it has its own unique character, power and good patency.

The way out was due to the active support of Makar Petrovich, for which many thanks to him !!!

All rights to the model and this mod belong to GolmanRS.

Strictly prohibited:
Envelope models from the game, use in their scenes, an envelope to other games, selling on other sites, refilling in the workshop under their account (that is, assigning the mod to themselves).
Video reviews of this mod are prohibited, without the consent of the author!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Put hounds, please!

Authors: GolmanRS

Game Version: Spintires Mudrunner v18 / 05/21

Download ZiL-131RS "Balda" Truck v05.06.18 – MudRunner

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