Zil Pack "Legends of the USSR 3" v1.0 – MudRunner

– ZIL – 555. Posted by: VASIL KYPATSA
– ZIL – 130B. Posted by: HUNTER__1991
– ZIL – 130C. Posted by: Oovee Game Studios (Spin Tires 2014), Vadim Chugaynov
– ZIL – 133g1. Author: Oovee Game Studios (Spin Tires 2014), Alex, J R.U.S.L. @. N, DESKPRO, V1RU $, KAMAZIST89, ronnie, Hig_Mal
– ZIL – 133GYA. Posted by: Modfix

Each truck has at least 25 of its add-ons, its loads.

Authors: Dmitry Evdokimov

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